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Most teeth whitening is done by you at home. The process can take several weeks or more depending on the severity of discoloration. Typically, an impression is taken of your teeth, a model is made, and a custom bleaching tray is formed on the model that to fit your teeth comfortably and precisely. A few days later, you are given your tray, bleach, and instructions.

Most people bleach at night while sleeping, but you can also bleach during the day. The tray is clear and barely noticeable while being worn. We recommend starting with the upper teeth only. Then you can check your progress by comparing your treated upper teeth to the untreated lower teeth. Later, you can then bleach your lower teeth until they match your uppers.

Lastly, we offer Opalescence Go, which is an alternative to custom tray systems. It is a preformed tray that you mold to your teeth with your fingers. And unlike strips, Opalescence Go will whiten your entire smile and not just your front teeth. No impressions are needed, and no delays to fabricate a custom tray. And it only needs to be worn about 30 minutes per treatment.