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Why A Crown?

Crowns are usually needed when a tooth can no longer be managed with fillings, when a tooth is cracked or broken, or after a tooth has had root canal treatment.

Materials Used

With crowns, a variety of materials are used. Generally they are either ceramic, metal, or porcelain on metal. Gold crowns are the “gold standard” for good reason. They are some of the longest lasting dental restorations we have. Gold is a good option when space is limited and a thin crown is needed. Porcelain on metal crowns have by far been the most numerous of crowns placed in the last 50 years. But things have changed, and now we have better options available. Today porcelain on metal crowns are giving way to metal-free crowns, the most notable being IPS e.max and Bruxir. These new crowns have the advantage of being stronger, more natural looking, and better fitting.