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What happens during an exam varies depending on the type of exam, the condition of your teeth, and the complexity of the problems you might be having. The 3 basic categories of exams are:

  • Initial exam
  • Recall exam
  • Limited exam — problem focused

Initial Exam

The initial exam includes listening to you as to why you are here and what you are looking for. Next we go over your medical and dental history, which can shed light on any problems you might be having. Then charting, which is recording such things as fillings, cavities, crowns, missing teeth, gum problems, etc. This exam can also include things like oral cancer screening, evaluating your occlusion or bite, and evaluating any restorative or cosmetic needs.

Recall Exams

Recall exams include most of the same things as initial exams, but are usually briefer because we are interested in changes that may have occurred since your initial exam. These include things like changes in your medications, changes in your medical history, and changes in your mouth and/or teeth.

Problem Focused Exams

Problem focused exams are just that, a focus on specific problems you may be having. And, depending on the nature of the problem, various tests may be needed to help diagnose the nature of your problem so we can treat it properly.